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Anyone who has used their camper and pop-up roof in the winter knows that the tent fabric keeps virtually no heat inside the vehicle. On top of this, you also provide your neighbours with a wonderful shadow theatre performance once you’ve parked up at a site.

We are well aware of these problems, which is why we decided to get down to work and cut our trusty BlidimaX® thermo protection screens to fit pop-up roofs. We put our new product to the test in January at a night time temperature of -20°C. The result: snuggly warm temperatures in the vehicle and under the pop-up roof, our neighbours couldn't see us changing, noises were absorbed and in the morning, it stayed pleasantly dark.

Under the name BlidimaX® roof, we now offer BlidimaX® quality for pop-up roofs. Every thermo protection screen is manufactured individually and customised to fit your pop-up roof, unlike typical off-the-shelf products. This approach does require more effort (in terms of measurement, production and customisation), but it also offers that much more comfort.

You can find out more about BlidimaX® roof HERE über BlidimaX® roof.
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or by telephone on +49 21 31/5 23 05 86.

We look forward to introducing you to our new screens.


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